Lucky Skydiver survives 5000 feet free fall

18 02 2007

Experienced skydiver Michael Holmes survived a free fall from 5,000 feet over New Zealand’s Lake Taupo, and the whole thing was caught on tape by two cameras. It happened two months ago. The cameras were on Holmes’ helmet and the helmet of fellow skydiver Jonathan King.

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Extreme Gaming

4 02 2007

<center></center>Seems the tourette guy is back. This guy needs to stop drinking coffee and get an ass whooping. What a retard.

Slingshot Deluxe / Redneck Fun

4 02 2007

<center></center>How crazy can you be? Every action calls for disaster. The most amazing thing is no one gets hurt.
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Extreme Homemade Fireworks

12 01 2007

A fridge loaded with a lot of fireworks and I guess somekind of fuel placed under bridge. Seems the guys are a bit surprised by the effect. Think this is the best homemade explosion I’ve encountered on the web. The sound is amazing under that bridge and the flames crawl over the ceiling.

Skateboarding FS Flip Disaster

2 12 2006

<center></center><p>This skater slams his board in his face while trying to FS (frontside) flip. He seems verry happy with his bloody lip. Tough guys those little skaterboys. And you can’t say </p>
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Oops there goes gravity

23 11 2006

Free Running is the new urban jungle thing. This guy takes his sport very serious with some very nice results. If you dig this art you should rent or buy Yamakasi one day. It’s a film by Luc Besson known for the Taxi trilogie. In the new James Bond movie is also a sequence with Sebastien Foucan one of the inventors of free running. Sebastien has his own website called I found

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Extreme Freeride

21 11 2006

<center></center>This is the magic of freeride. Extreme mountainbiking to the max. Double backflips, massive drops, hops and pulverised teeth. Also check the <a href=”; target=”blank”>Redbull Rampage </a>site for more info about freeriding.


21 11 2006

<center></center><p>It’s extreme skiing and parasailing at once. They call it Ski-Gliding. François Bon and Antoine Montant did the world first speedflying descent of the <a href=”; target=”blank”>mount Eiger</a> in Swiss. You can find more info on Speedflying at the site of <a href=”; target=”blank”>Acro-Base</a>.</p>

Blaak Session – Witaly en Giorgio

11 02 2006

Blaakse B-Boys

11 02 2006

The Boyz

9 10 2005


9 10 2005

Da Bomb

13 03 2005

Waarom moet je geen Dr Pepper gebruiken om een brandje te blussen?


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