“Canon in D” Composed by Johann Pachelbel

4 02 2007

<center></center><p>Canon has been written by Johann Pachebel (1653-1706). This piece has been arranged by JerryT and played by Funtwo. Is it real or not? Anyway some people hate the piece.</p>
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White & Nerdy

4 02 2007

<center>http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-7781685560343931774&hl=en </center>
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JUMPEN- a new dance

12 01 2007

<center>http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-1772182543376563823&hl=nl </center><p>Jumpen is a new dance that’s becoming very popular among teenagers in Holland and Belgium. They &quot;jump&quot; to something you could describe as hardcore house music with a loud pumping bass. In this clip a guy explains how to become a &quot;Jumper&quot;. I can’t imagine they can do this all night long. It’s actualy a great tutorial and you’ll burn some fat fast!</p>
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Fascinating Youtube

8 01 2007

When you think creativity has an end … Miaarose started with the first video. And others kept adding more instruments. Nice experiment and a new TubeStar is born.

Miaarose – Husband To Be (The Original)

Step Two

Me Singing

8 01 2007

“BE4 u JUDGE. This is my 1st video that I ever posted on YouTube or any otha website. I do not get any vocal trainin I sing by my self. Dont be rude but say whatevers on your mind.”

I think it’s better than the original but you may judge for yourself.
More…Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Acapella)

Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (The Video)

James Brown has left the building

26 12 2006

<center><em><strong>James Joseph Brown</strong></em></center><center><strong><em>(South Carolina, 3 mei 1933 — Georgia, 25 december 2006</em></strong><strong><em>)</em></strong></center><p>The world just got a whole less funkier…if america actually cared about its own culture, James Brown would be up there on Mount Rushmore with the old dead white guys who couldn’t dance a lick…Lost another great American icon…the once &amp; future Godfather of Soul…say amen, somebody …As a prolific singer, songwriter, bandleader and record producer, Brown was a seminal force in the evolution of gospel and rhythm and blues into soul and funk. He left his mark on numerous other musical genres, including rock, jazz, reggae, disco, dance and electronic music, afrobeat, and hip-hop music.</p><center></center><p><strong>Sugababes – James Brown – Try Me </strong><br />Sugababes were guests of James Brown 27 October 2006 at the Camden Roundhouse in London. I saw his concert on the 1st of july at Ahoy’ in the Netherlands in 2006 and saw him as a young boy in 1988 also in Ahoy. </p>
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James Brown has left the building

26 12 2006

The hardest working man in showbizz heeft op kerstmorgen zijn laatste adem uitgeblazen. Eindelijk kan de geschiedschrijving plaats gaan vinden. The world just got a whole less funkier…if america actually cared about its own culture, JB would be up there on Rushmore with the old dead white guys who couldnt dance a lick..the once & future Godfather of Soul..say amen, somebody…

Wat ben ik blij dat ik in juli gegaan ben. Dat blijkt dus zijn laatste Europese concert geweest. Meer movies at viralvids-web-log.

Andy Milonakis Freestyle Rap

17 12 2006

<center>http://www.liveleak.com/player.swf</center><p>Andy Milonakis his fame began as an internet phenomenon, rising when he released home webcam recordings of freestyle rhyming, and silly videos, and short films on the Internet. Milonakis has been compared to the <a href=”http://viralvids.web-log.nl/viralvids/2006/12/the_star_wars_k.html#more&#8221; target=”blank”>Star Wars Kid</a> and has since built a following, including comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who recruited him for regular appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live on television 2003–2004. At the moment he has his own show on <a href=”http://www.mtv2.com/#andymilonakis&#8221; target=”blank”>MTV2</a>. Andy has a congenital growth-hormone condition that gives him the outward appearance and voice of a pre-adolescent boy, when he is in fact a grown man. Contrary to popular belief, Milonakis was not the Man Show Boy, a smart-mouthed boy who frequently appeared on The Man Show.</p>

Madonna & Britney – French & Saunders

8 12 2006

<center>http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/6lilUIN2GN3Dz34BT</center><p>First a F&amp;S’s Version of Madonna/Missy Elliot in the Gap advert and then F&amp;S do Madonna/Britney with <em>Me against the Music</em>. If you are more interested in the real thing </p>
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Drive-Thru Freestyle Rap

26 11 2006

<center></center><p>Drive-thru freestylin’, freestyling at the drive through! Still tons of people assume it’s me freestyling and NO it isn’t, if only I could ! The name of the dude is Joe Woody. </p>
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Next Gen Breakdancing

25 11 2006

<center>http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/253736/breakdance_the_new_generation.swf</center><p>This are the nu moves from the nu generation breakdancers. First I thought it was an animation because it can’t be done by an human. If you want to try this at home you could better</p>
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Hyperactive Human Beatbox

22 11 2006

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Darth Barkley

21 11 2006

<center></center><p>Gnarls Barkley live at the MTV awards. The whole band is dressed in StarWars clothing. Gnarls is doing great as Darth Vader. This clip was an instant classic.</p><!– Begin NLbanner Code –>
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