Bokito Bril

30 05 2007

De speciale Bokito bril …Door de bril met kleine kijkgaatjes kan de gorilla rustig worden bespied, zonder dat hij zelf het merkt. Weer een erg leuke viral van oud collega DvA (links op de pic) gemaakt voor FBTO.
Wil jezelf ook een Bokito bril dat kan! Klik hier (pdf). | Veilig aapjes kijken met speciale bril(video)


25 02 2007

How clear can a commercial be: Respect A Man That Drives A Harley.

Nissan Qashqai – Skateboard Video

24 02 2007

<center></center>Uhm, that wasn’t just a Heelflip, that was a Heelflip Bodyvarial.. whooow! Flipped regular, landed goofy… wtf? Music is very nice and yeah the car, too!

How to sell a book …

18 02 2007

Sexy Cleopatra gives her views on the revolution in marketing … Has anybody a clue what she says?
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Ink is It with Nathan and Max by Kodak

18 02 2007

<center></center><p>Ink Is It! Episode 01: <br />In this episode of Kodak’s very own <a href=””>&quot;Ink Is It&quot;,</a> they suggest an animal-friendly use for your inkless printer and reveal how amazing the world would be if printer ink were cheaper. And to top it off, Max demonstrates why his high school class voted him &quot;Most Likely To Take the Stairs.&quot; Hooray! </p>
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Microsoft CEO Ballmer laughs at Apple iPhone

28 01 2007

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Jeep Waterfall

28 01 2007

<center></center>Pretty cool video here of the Jeep Waterfall, an auto-show attraction that uses advanced falling-water technology to create branded liquid signage for the vehicle. From Detroit to Beijing, the Jeep Waterfall has mesmerized auto showgoers from across the globe. According to the waterfall’s builder, the system works like an ink-jet printer, with 3,000 valves organizing the droplets via computer program into visible logos and other messages, which appear as the droplets descend 24-feet into a trough. I would love to have this watergadget in my house (would love to have the house that could fit it). Also ties in nicely with Jeep’s nature vibe.

iPhone Commercial

18 01 2007

<center></center><p>It’s much more than just a phone! Check out some of its additional functions. This commercial was made by <a href=””>Late Night with Conan O’Brien</a>.</p>

Ford Ka’s Evil Twin

18 01 2007

<center></center>This first video is rather nice and funny, cause I hate pigeons. I can asure you that no pigeon was hurt while filming this commercial.
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The new Apple iPhone (videoclip)

10 01 2007

<center> </center><p>A collection of clips showing Apple’s new <a href=””>iPhone</a&gt;. It realy looks amazing. Wonder when I can make my first call with this top gadget. This was worth waiting for! What do you think about the iPhone?</p>

How would Microsoft have branded the iPod?

7 01 2007

<center><center>How would Microsoft have branded the iPod? Just watch the video and enjoy!

Gillette Fusion Buzz

24 12 2006

<center></center>Sometimes I participate in buzz-campagnes from the Dutch agency <a href=””>Buzzer</a&gt;. This time it’s a real man thing, product looks good but think it will have a high retail price. I’ll let you know when I have tested it. They’re launching the Gillette Fusion in the Netherlands in January. The oficial <a href=”; target=”blank”>US Gillette Fusion</a> site is a beauty. It’s 5 blades + 1.


19 12 2006

<center></center><p>Beamvertising in the center of Rotterdam. It’s not a new concept but they sure gave it a nice swing. They beamed the skateboarder from an open van. Project was done by <a href=”; target=”blank”>PPGH/JWT</a>. The advertiser is <a href=”; target=”blank”>Sportlife</a> . The slogan: ‘Can you make it to the pack?. </p><a href=”; rel=”tag”>beamvertising</a>

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