Urban Photocollective: Our 6th annual meeting

20 06 2012

You have all heard about it via Facebook and Twitter. Seen some teasers, heard some rumors. Yes I am talking about the next big event of the Urban Photo Collective. Our 6th annual meeting on July 1st. But there is more…

What can you expect?
As a model, you can be the ultimate Bond girl. Or you could be the new James Bond himself. Or perhaps you would like to play the villain or be a performer at Moulin Rouge. Everything is possible and is catered for. Starting from make up to accessories and props.

As a photographer you can expect to feel like you’re roaming a movie set and be able to freely capture anything you desire. Not only that but you’d be able to direct your own scenes. You can expect to see several legendary Bond cars, amongst which an Aston Martin from Casino Royale! All you have to do is show up and bring your camera along.

Every year we at the UPC try to top ourselves and create a better, bigger and more phenomenal event than the previous year and we think this year will be no exception. More info at te Urban Photocollective website!



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