Pirates of Silicon Valley

7 01 2007

Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) is an unauthorized made-for-television docudrama written and directed by Martyn Burke. Based upon the book, Fire in the Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer, by Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine, this film documents the rise of the home computer/personal computer through the rivalry between Apple Computer (Apple II and the Apple Macintosh) and Microsoft (DOS, IBM PC, and Windows). Noah Wyle and Joey Slotnick portray Apple founders Steve Job and Steve Wozniak. Anthony Michael Hall and John DiMaggio play Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

The central story of the film begins in the early 1970s and ends in 1985 when Steve Jobs resigned from Apple Computer. The film is also structured by a set of “book ends”: it begins and ends with Jobs’ return to Apple in 1997.

If you liked this movie you might wanna check Revolution OS. It’s is a 2001 real documentary which traces the history of GNU, Linux, and the open source and free software movements. It features several interviews with prominent hackers and entrepreneurs (and hackers-cum-entrepreneurs), including Richard Stallman, Michael Tiemann, Linus Torvalds, Larry Augustin, Eric S. Raymond, Bruce Perens, Frank Hecker and Brian Behlendorf. Revolution OS (no parts, full movie!)




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7 01 2007

Heard about the movie but never had seen it. Thanks for posting.

8 01 2007

for more free online shows click here:

8 01 2007

sorry, the link is:


8 01 2007
Rex Dixon

I have seen it, and I referenced the movie before in my blog here – http://rexduffdixon.com/?p=720 – and I just linked the movie here – http://rexduffdixon.com/?p=1273


8 01 2007

Apple has come back and will continue its destiny of revolutionizing social technology…

8 01 2007
8 01 2007
Viral Vids Ollie

It is a movie that has been around. But a lot of people seem to digg it. So what;s the hassle? Nice that y’all posted it before put did you attract this much satisfied visitors?

8 01 2007
Michael Flessas

And just think, the digital revolution–and that’s what it is despite the phrase being overworked in some quarters–still goes on.

9 01 2007
Joachim En

Realistically scripted, brings out the pathos below the surface hype. Thumbs up!

14 01 2007
Viral Vids - Ollie

Thanks, it seems you’re not the only one:-)

21 01 2007

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25 01 2007

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25 01 2007
Viral Vids - Ollie

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20 04 2007

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26 04 2007

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