Asbestos is the shizzle!

8 12 2006

<center></center><p><span id=”vidDescRemain” style=”DISPLAY: inline”>1952 — The beauty and functionality of asbestos sidewalls. With a visit to Levittown, N.Y. and an interview with Norman Denny, vice president of materials for Levitt &amp; Sons, builders. An excellent film on Fifties standardized building processes.</span> <span class=”smallText” id=”vidDescMore” style=”DISPLAY: none”>… &quot;It lasts a lifetime, a trouble free lifetime&quot;. <div class=”commentBody”>Boy, that’s some nifty stuff, I’m gonna have to get some for my house. ;) Sounds wonderful, no wonder everyone used the hell out of it… *cringe* </div><br />If you want to see part 2</span></p>





3 responses

8 12 2006

This is pretty amazing. How many of those houses were build? I would rather have a house build of mentos.

8 12 2006

Those were the days that smoking cured your lungs and watching a atomic bomb explode just to get a nice tan. Nice posting!

8 12 2006
Viral Vids - Ollie

Made me think about today. How many things will prove hazardous in 40 years? Howbout my flatscreen monitor …

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