Borat from Kazachstan : Jagshemash!

2 12 2006

<p>Jagshemash, Borat show pictures of her sister to wine guys. She is a beauty queen of Almaty! She want to move to US and A. She would like the guys very much. Borat make a joke – Borat pretend to be husband and wife with her sister. </p> I also posted other hilarious Borat videos.

<p>It seems Borat was born for ViralVids :-)</p><center></center><p>Kazakhstan television presents! Borat in USA buys a house. </p><center></center><p>Borat in Jam Factories in Melborune Australia with kangaroo. Borat greet everyone! Borat say he love Australia. Later he give autograph to all peoples. Borat demonstrate his skills to play ping pong! He invite everyone to his hotel room, wrestle no clothes and shoot dog from window! </p>


<p>Borat on his travelling not only just do reportings but also enjoy himself too. As the saying goes: &quot;All work no play make jack dull bastard.&quot; </p>

<p>You’ll find more crazy stuff at <a href=””></a></p&gt;




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