Next Gen Breakdancing

25 11 2006

<center></center><p>This are the nu moves from the nu generation breakdancers. First I thought it was an animation because it can’t be done by an human. If you want to try this at home you could better</p>

<p>watch this video first. This are some basic moves. Tough enough I guess. I did some breaking in the early eighties but that was at a whole other level. The url that’s shown in the clip doesn’t work so I don’t have any backgroundinformation yet.</p><center></center><p>And then there is David Elsewhere. I have seen him several times on the net. He keeps amazing me: </p><center></center><p>This guy even played in a Slurpee ad.</p><center></center><p>This last movie is dated 2004 and is the latest release on David Elsewhere that I could find.</p>

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